I Don't Know How To Be A Friend

I am the first child of a single mother. My little sister and I are about 15 years a part in age. Growing up I was anti social. I was quiet. I never understood my emotions and I didn't talk about them. I never understood friendship because it always seemed like people were only your friends because you saw them everyday, or they lived next to you. But would they be your friends if you lived on the other side of the world or didn't go to the same school as you?

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The Artist Kickback Networking Mixer I

TruthCity relaunched his Artist Kickback with a private networking mixer. The guest lists was filled with NYC's most influential community and social media leaders. The event features industry panelists and progressive conversations on bettering NYC's growing creative community.

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PopDust Presents: TruthCity

Special thank you to Popdust and Deascent for this amazing write up and interview. It's always a blessing to be recognized for your work. Check out the full write up here.

TruthCity Speaks At Vista Academy

Super thankful to all the wonderful kids I met during my visit to Vista Academy's MOVE program in Brooklyn. I've never seen a group of a kids so smart and strong minded. Shout out to all the amazing staff members, guest speakers and school board.

I Almost Committed Suicide

Depression is a real thing. It's not some made up emotion. Its a feeling of isolation. It feels like your life has no real value. When you open your mouth to speak no one seems to understand you. Your friends all have their own lives so theres only so much energy they can give you. Most don't even want to be around depressed people. Its an emotion that doctors try to treat with pills that end up doing more damage to you. Because if it's in our heads it means we can control it. Right?

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