How Do Artists Deal With Depression?

You just played a gig, you had the time of your life and you look around and everybody is smiling and happy. Then it doesn't hit you until you swipe your metro card and it says Insufficient funds, that your pouring sweat and your have no money to get home. You start to contemplate the longevity of this life you love. This life that gives you joy. How can you keep doing what it is that you love to do and struggle to find a meal or a place to stay?

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Why Album Artists Are Still Important

I've frequently been ridiculed for choosing to do full projects in today's microwaved society. The feedback is usually shock when somebody hears that you're dropping anything more than an EP worth of music. People often feel that fans of today's music don't have the mental capabilities to listen to a full project from any artist, let alone an artist they don't know. 

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Are You Connecting With Your Fans Or Just Rapping To Them

Have you ever been to a show and watched an artist perform and they just didn't know what to say before or in between their songs but wanted your attention? Performing is as simple as coming to someone's house to being introduced to someone's friend to opening up for a big artist. You being on a bill is like being a guest of the promoter, the venue, and the event it self. Introduce yourself, talk to your audience, see how their doing, how their feeling. In so many words, CONNECT!

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