I'm Crying But I'm Okay

I've always had a strong connection to people who use drugs. I understand more than they think I do. My drug is just different from theirs. I read, write down conversations, watch business tutorials, I have over 20 business plans written down and all these things are nothing more than ways of distracting myself from the pain I feel inside. If it wasn't for music I would have probably committed suicide.

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End Of The Year Changes, Goals & Reflections

To say the least, this year has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs that tested not only my strength but my character as well. In the past year I have lost my closest friends, gained new ones, some unexpected enemies, hit milestones, survived unspeakable living conditions and much much more. As I sit and reflect on my life in the past year I have only God to thank for the man that I am today. Today I stand 27 years old, wiser, still alive, accomplished and still learning everyday. 

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I Don't Know How To Be A Friend

I am the first child of a single mother. My little sister and I are about 15 years a part in age. Growing up I was anti social. I was quiet. I never understood my emotions and I didn't talk about them. I never understood friendship because it always seemed like people were only your friends because you saw them everyday, or they lived next to you. But would they be your friends if you lived on the other side of the world or didn't go to the same school as you?

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The Artist Kickback Networking Mixer I

TruthCity relaunched his Artist Kickback with a private networking mixer. The guest lists was filled with NYC's most influential community and social media leaders. The event features industry panelists and progressive conversations on bettering NYC's growing creative community.

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