The Beauty Of Being Single

Single is not a status. It is a word that best describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.
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Being single gets a bad rep. You're automatically looked at as a hoe because you don't want to share anything exclusive with anyone. First off, fuck what ppl think of you. Its about what you think of yourself and how you want to live the only life you been given. Not every nice person you meet and share energy with has to be the person you're going to spend THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH. I wrote that in caps to emphasis how craaaaaazy that sounds. That because I met you, you're a great person and we shared a bunch of great moments I should see the rest of my life with you????

Pause real quick.... Do you know how short life is? The average life span of a human being (God willing) is 79 years. SEVEN-TEE-NINE!!!

I can only speak for myself obviously. But I, personally, want to experience all that life has to offer. Straight up. I want to look back on my life and say I saw the world, I met a lot of amazing people in it, and when I finally do decide to settle down with someone its because I've enjoyed myself and Im ready. If you're not ready for something serious, no one, not even the world, should tell you you should jump into something as delicate as an exclusive relationship.

Relationships are delicate. It comes with obligations, boundaries, commitments, constant communication an alot of positive and beautiful things too. At 27, I dont want any holds being put on what I can and cannot do right now. Single means options. When you get money dont you have the option to choose where you wanna eat? What if I told you you could only eat at one place for the rest of your life. That shit sounds crazy doesn't it? Exactly.

One day Im gonna want kids, Im gonna want a house, a wife, an a legacy. But before I can be someone's husband, someone's father, I have to live life and experience things to gain wisdom. Not only about the world but about who I am. How will I share with my kid life lessons if I dont experience life? How can I talk to my child about love if I haven't experienced different types of relationships? I want to tell my kid about gold diggers, suckers for love, rushers, insecure baggage carriers, queens, motivators, over achievers, etc.

Dating gives you perspective on how to deal with marital problems. If I experienced the situation before I won't put my wife through it. I know how to address it cus I been there. Mind you you're going to grow with your life partner of course but the less immature things in your system the better. Being married or in a committed relationship sounds cool on the surface but its work. Work that I dont have time for.

At the end of the day Im a king. Im fucking AWESOME to be around. (Self love talk). Because I love myself its makes me a desirable person because no one wants to compensate for someone's lack of love for themselves. So when Im around a woman, we're talking about our futures, we're eating good, we're praying together, we're having the nastiest most disgusting fucking sex EVER and we are being absolutely and completely honest about everything. She doesn't have to worry about what Im thinking, cus Im gonna tell her. And visversa. 

Being single has it's set morals and codes that often get overlooked. Allow me to open a page from the Single Codes & Ethics book for you.

Tell her up front what you want. Move off her energy. Respect her. When she's telling you how she feels or what she's thinking, listen. Fuck her like she's the last girl you'll ever fuck in your life. She deserves that. Go half with her on everything and if you got it, spend it on her. She would do the same for you. Don't ever lie to her. Be able to talk about everything even the other ppl you guys talk to. When there's nothing to hide, your home.

Obviously I can go on and on but this is the beauty of being single. One day your going to be someone's wife or husband but right now you don't have to be and that's beautiful too. Enjoy your freedom, make mistakes, have some fun, and avoid breaking ppl's hearts by just taking it slow and building organic friendships. Long as your telling ppl up front how you want your life to be lived, at least they know. But don't let anybody tell you how you should live YOUR life. It's YOURS. Guidance is just a perspective from someone else's walk. Take the gems but live on your own terms. Holla!