Growing Up An Only Child Never Taught Me The Meaning Of Family.

Photo By: Matt Ogilvie taken at the Live Mondays in Brooklyn. 

Photo By: Matt Ogilvie taken at the Live Mondays in Brooklyn. 

Coming from a single parent household I never really knew how to establish a family bond with anyone. All my cousins lived in the south and my mother, my stepfather and I were always moving around in the army and everything always felt temporary. A stepfather isn't your father and you know that as a child no matter how much your parents try to convince you. Your spirit knows it. I learned how to never get too attached. That has played a part in my life as I grew up. I don't know how to just call you up and have nothing to say but just want you to know that Im thinking of you. And sometimes I don't have all the time in the world to talk but I still am learning how to establish a bond with someone one


For some of you who come from different backgrounds, it may come easier for you. But in order to change something about yourself, you have to begin the process of applying. How do you undo 15 years of a pattern in 2 years? We sometimes don't even discover that we have picked up bad patterns till it's too late. I say all that to say. Everyone has a past you don't know about that contributes to how they unlearn certain things that you may not consider favorable qualities. Understand that and be patient with that or leave us alone.





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