Inner Peace Is The New Success

About 5 or so years ago, I walked into a studio in my one pair of jeans, beard hanging, and my dirty chucks. In the studio was a bunch of top engineers, producers and execs. I remember playing songs that would one day become my debut album, "The Prologue". One of the execs pulled me to the side and said, "I can get you a deal right now" and I said, "no thank you". Before I left he said, "if you do it alone you're looking at 5 years of hard ground work", I said, "I'm fine with that", and I walked away. 

This wasn't the first industry offer I've walked away from. I've been saying no to suits and nice smiles all my life. It's nothing against these guys out here trying to hustle their way up the top, but not at the expense of the artistry. I've always believed that music is the universal language of love and peace. It's suits and businesses that have taken that and manipulated it to make money. They tell artists how they should dress, what they should sound like, and how they should speak. They seek to cater to the sins of the world. They want to drive perception, alter perspective, and make money. 

Once you eliminate the need for money from your life, it comes to you in different ways. Money is just another form of currency; another form of exchange. There are other forms of currency that come in the spiritual form, a form that I like to call "energy".  I've always felt my goal in life was to inspire, motivate, and uplift people. To spread love, with not just my music but with my words and my lifestyle. As the emails piled in and the phone started ringing, I started to see how evil the industry was to people like me on the come up. 

I can say no to a million dollars if it compromises what I believe in. A lot of people can't. Since I can, it forces people to approach me with a different energy. Inner peace is the new success to me. Who did we help? Why are we making these records? Who are they for? Is this message going to help or damage someone? These questions are the questions that don't get answered on radio, at label meetings, marketing meetings, etc. The main goal is how do we make money off people. I never believed nor will I ever believe in that. 

Producers sit in studios searching for the hook. Artists, full off ego, demean other artist's methods and only care about their personal come up, as they spew out generic records thinking that what they're doing is better than what everyone else is doing. People who don't care about other people are the ones you have to always stand clear of. We were not put here to ignore each other, to tear each other down, or to gain off each other. We were put here to engage, help and love one another. Message is no longer being considered in studios anymore.

These days there's more love and energy in underground shows than there are at industry events, powered by all the biggest suits in the game. Their events are filled with shades, people staring at other people's clothes, and people loitering just to take a pic with a celebrity for their Instagram. Business is driven by numbers and stats just to get those artists on the stage and they are the worse performers any one has ever seen. It's actually hard to sit and watch rappers spew out negative messages to human beings all going through real things.

Things that are not powered by love, positivity, good intention, and the want to help will never be blessed in the end. No matter what your religious belief is, you have to believe in karma and energy. You don't need everyone's help. Center yourself around kind hearted people. Speak to everyone with the same love in your heart. Make art that is for a purpose.  Art that will help and impact the world. Those are the things that will be blessed eternally. Don't lose yourself trying to play the devil's game. In the pass few years I have been homeless, broke, hungry all in the name of following my purpose. And in the past year I've seen all of my blessings come from my positivity and my faith. I didn't get this far because of music. Everyone has great music. I've gotten to where I am because of my mindset and the purpose driving me. Every decision has a consequence. The people making blood money off negative messages and images will one day pay for their decisions. Stay pure my friends. God bless you.