Why Good Music Just Isn't Enough

There are so many external factors that come with being successful at anything. I know people who started with nothing and gained everything. But I also know miserable millionaires who lost their empires. All this can be contributed to one simple thing, your daily outlook on life as a whole. Making a decision to try to live off your passion is one of the hardest, most burdening AND satisfying feelings on earth. But with that choice comes disappointments, hardships, triumphs and more. Right now you probably have the hottest music video, the best songs, the best stage presence and your wondering why it's not all going your way yet. The harsh reality is none of those things guarantee you success. Your mindset does. Hope this helps...

Success Is Spiritual. Theres a reason I pray before performances. Theres also reasons I do daily affirmations every morning. You have to strengthen your energy in some kind of way. A peaceful calm in your life is required to rid your world of any negative things that will keep you from your goals. Love combats hate. A genuine smile can seal a millionaire dollar opportunity. But if everyday you wake up and everything is about you and what you want, you will never experience true success. The universe has to want you to win. And that will all come down to how you treat people, how you feel inside, how you interact with people on a day to day, the thoughts think, and more. 

Are You Even Having Fun? Yes your focused, yes your locking in meetings, and your killing shows. But then your speaking to your team harshly, your studying the crowd trying to win over people, your thinking about your every mistake. All these things can sometimes cripple artists. They lose the feeling they had for the thing they most loved. Now your just clocking in again. Your just going back to work. Don't forget to stop for a second and be thankful for where you are in your career. Be thankful for the people you have around you and that your farther than where you started. You can still be laser focused and stop for 1 min to tell someone you appreciate them, or that they didn't do something right but you STILL appreciate them. Try to add some light to the seriousness sometimes so you can still enjoy what you do.

GROW. Complacency keeps alot of artists from reaching their fullest potential. Sometimes we do things so well and decide there is no more growing that can be done. This mindset is a losing one. There is always more to learn, people to study, conversations you need to be in the room for. Saying what you want doesn't matter, because no matter what, the universe will always give to you what you subconsciously deserve. You may say you want to be the best, but everyday are you pushing yourself to try something new, to be somewhere different? Your last song sounds like the one before that. Your stage show looks like your one from last year. Your look, your mindset, your energy hasn't changed either. And right underneath you are hungry musicians pushing the envelope everyday to be the best. Don't be afraid to take some time to grow.

STOP MAKING UP THINGS. If your waking up every day and making up what it is you need to be doing, your just going to fail bro. Success is about planning and execution. Focusing on one thing at a time and getting it done. I know soooooo many people with soooooo many incomplete ideas. They share their ideas and get people excited and then they never execute. And if they do it's not with precision. Winning should never be by accident. The people who are truly successful, can tell you why their successful. It was planned. Stop procrastinating, ask questions, research and map out your day to day. When you walk into your 9 to 5, appreciate it. Because the reason why there is work to do when you get there is because that company has a goal. What's yours?

THE INTERNET IS NOT REAL. Can you blow up online? Absolutely, but it happens for 1% of people in the world, so don't rely on people behind a screen to care about whether you make it not. Organically go out and touch people. Meet people even if it has nothing to do with your craft. Because a positive encounter could be the difference between a nice meeting and a long time fan. The average artist can live off of 500 dedicated fans. You probably walk past 500 people a week and speak and talk to no one. Remember to get off your phone and look into the real world.

In the end these are a few things to keep you motivated. Maybe you know all these things and just needed to be reminded. Whatever your decision for reading, just know you have to master the art of living before you can master success. Winning in life first starts with winning the battle your fighting inside. Rid yourself of doubt, jealousy, envy, greed and all the other ills of the world and you will see your life blossom. Love and Light