How Do You Love A Creative?

One of the hardest things to do is to have a long lasting relationship with a creative. A creative of any art form has a million things running through their mind and you can sometimes get lost in that pile. You will find yourself feeling your not interesting enough, you have nothing inspiring to say, or you simply have nothing in common with him or her. If all of these things sound correct to you, I got news for you. YOUR WRONG. You are more than enough for anyone. It's just, dating a creative takes a certain understanding of a few things and Im hoping I can point you in the right direction. 

HAVE GOALS OF YOUR OWN. When your dating a creative, your going to notice that their mind is constantly bursting with ideas. Depending on the person, those ideas can simply just remain that. Ideas. Creatives deal with poor execution of their dreams at times and one way you can help is by being the example. Give your creative lover a reason to go harder by going hard at what it is you do. It will give them encouragement knowing their lover is out chasing their goals. I for one can't sit around and do nothing if someone close to me is constantly putting things in motion for themselves.

INQUIRE BUT DON'T INSERT. The last thing you should want to do is to insert yourself in a creatives space. Its a delicate and sensitive place to be in. Don't open yourself up to being responsible for any aspect of a creative winning or losing at something. If you insert yourself and ask for a role in a creatives career, you will be held responsible and sometimes blamed when things aren't going right and that can put a strain on your relationship. For some people it works out, but if you can avoid it, I would. Simply ask what little things you can help with. Like styling, making a phone call, a suggestion on a song or an art piece. It shows you care and you love not only them but their art as well. Trust me, just your support is more than enough. 

DON'T TAKE EVERYTHING PERSONAL. Creatives can get easily depressed or discontent because they are constantly struggling to live in their purpose. Even some of the most successful people seek to achieve more. So when you see he or she is quiet and passive, its not directed towards you. Creatives simply become introverted so they can process their strategies, process their inspirations and reorganize their thoughts. These things happen at the most random of times so just notice it and give it it's space. You may be talking about something and feel they aren't listening. Their more than likely not, but its because their thinking about their next move. If you let them breathe they will come running into your arms because after long thought comes the need for comfort. And then they will be all ears because their exhausted from their own thoughts lol. 

BE THERE WHEN IT'S CRUNCHTIME. When its the day of an event, or a studio session or whatever, be ready to help. Ask what you can do, and if they say nothing, don't worry they will always need something lol. Just you being there as they look over their shoulder is always comforting to a creative. Because they may not need your help but just knowing your ready when they need it will make them love you all the more. If you see something wrong, tell them. If the sound is off, go talk to the sound guy. Take initiative because they are a reflection of you and that extra help can give them the confidence they need.

AND FINALLY, BE THEIR PEACE. Trying to make it in this world as a creative is one of th most hardest things to do. There will be sleepless nights, depression, financial constraints and more. You don't have to have the answers. You just have to be there to let them know everything is alright. Share with them things you see online. Give them positive affirmations in the morning. Only speak positive things into their life. Even praying with your lover or whatever your religious stance is can help put their mind at ease. Don't overthink. Keep all these things in mind. Don't be quick to react. Its better to take 5 seconds and analyze your lover's mindset before inserting your opinions, thoughts and feelings. 

As always, I hope this helped! Love and light.