Why Album Artists Are Still Important

I've frequently been ridiculed for choosing to do full projects in today's microwaved society. The feedback is usually shock when somebody hears that you're dropping anything more than an EP worth of music. People often feel that fans of today's music don't have the mental capabilities to listen to a full project from any artist, let alone an artist they don't know. 

A year and a half ago I dropped my debut album "The Prologue". I had songs like Summertime, Bad Girls, Ghetto House Party, Ain't Thinking Bout U and more on that album. That album allowed me to start a tour and do a full set that spanned from 30 - 45 mins. Because of my catalogue of music I was able to get headlining gigs and connect with people further than a couple hot songs. People went home and downloaded my album and made me a part of their lives.

I believe artists are constantly plagued with other people's fears which hinders them  from being completely fulfilled. When faced with budgets, negative opinions, the failures of other artists, creatives start to sway their own creative process.

I grew up on albums. Layers of an artist that were happy, sad, thought provoking and fun. My friends and I made gatherings out of playing a person's album, smoking a blunt and vibing. We critiqued and talked about our favourite songs the week after. An album is a way for an artist to check in with their fans and update them on their life. New relationships, lost friends, accomplishments are all reflected upon on new projects.  

The problem with single artists is they can't seem to create a cohesive sound and have supporting content to have someone sit down and want to hear more about their thoughts and opinions. Artists are more interested in retired rhetoric like money, girls, partying and ego. But when you have content that involves family, regrets, goals, social matters and more, you create a universe for fans to get lost in. 

Albums also allow artists to have a longer life span than other artists who have to constantly produce music. A single album filled with singles and content gives an artist over 2 years of videos, shows and media PR. It takes a very long time for people to stumble upon new artists and once they do they want content. Artists who have great projects create a loyal fanbase who will expect more from them than they do single artists. Album artists are held at a higher standard than others. 

There is no formula for success. Middle finger to anybody who tells you there is. My career is where it is because I took my life serious enough to package pieces of my journey. Albums are my audio biographies. It's my way of leaving pieces of my legacy and story in the world. Only real music will last, everything else.... well just look around and ask yourself where some of your favourite radio artists are.